When will my order arrive?

Once you place your order, please allow 3-5 business days to process your orders. After that, it will take 12 -20 business days for delivery in the United States, and 15-30 business days for international orders (depending on location).

We urge you to please allow this time before contacting us.

Shipping time is typically dependent on how long customs takes, which can vary from country to country.

Because of Covid-19, deliveries may be delayed.

Ha my order been dispatched yet?

Orders are generally dispatched within 1-5 working days, sometimes sooner. You will receive a dispatched email when your order has been dispatched, please check your SPAM/Junk box just in case it slips in there. If you cannot find your dispatch email or think you may have deleted it, contact us on support@maevescases.com and we can give you real time information on whether your order has been dispatched or not.r.

How can I select the keyboard layout?

If you order some MacBook covers, we will ship you the keyboard cover layout according to the keyboard that is used in the country from which you made the order.

If you wish to have another layout, please let us know in a note when making the order.

For example if you make the order from the US but use a Spanish keyboard, let us know you want the Spanish layout or we will send you the US one, and this won't be accepted as a reason for a refund.

Please remember this keyboard cover is a gift from us, and we will ship you the color of the item we have available at the momment. For some keyboard layouts we may not have the colored version and will ship you a black one.

Again, this won't be a reason for a refund, as is a gift from us, and depending on the country we may not have the colored version of the keyboard cover.

Where can I track my package?

You can track your package on our website here: https://maevescases.com/apps/parcelpanel

I ordered 2 or more items, why did I only received one?

When you order multiple items at a time they might be shipped separately as products are shipped from different warehouses that we own. You may receive one item before the next. So don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once... they will get to you!

How much is the shipping?



My order is still not here please help?

Firstly, please do not worry it is on it's way. If you order has taken longer than 4 weeks days from dispatch then please contact us and we will look into it for you. We urge you to please allow this time before contacting us. We offer a Money Back Guarantee or will have your order resent. 

I put the wrong address for my order, can I change it?

If you have put in the incorrect delivery address on your order then please contact as ASAP. If your order hasn't been shipped or processed then we can update your delivery address no problem. If the order has been shipped or processed then unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

Why did I not receive a confirmation email after placing the order?

There's a good chance that our email has ended up in your SPAM/JUNK folder so please do check there. If you would still cannot find it and would like it resent then please do let us know.

I don't have a tracking number, when will I get it?

When your receive your dispatched email it will be in there most of the time, if not you can email us on support@maevescases.com for a update on your tracking. Please allow 1-3 days for your tracking to update on the system from the carriers. You can use your tracking number here.This is your answer.

What are the payment options available?

We accept all major credit and debit cards through the Shopify Payment system. We also accept PayPal payments as well. If your card was declined then please do not worry, simply contact us and we will advise you.

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